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February (Song a Day)

by onlybody

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No Sleeping (free) 00:55
I will never sleep again the quiet inside I will never rest or find peace of mind seconds to go moments I know will be the last I have to show I have now passed the last chance to grow and so it goes
Just The Same (free) 01:58
you can try your whole life and never be a star no undying vows, arena crowds, or silver on your clouds still I'm proud of who you are just the way you are i'm gonna tell you to your stupid face you're the coolest one I've, met who isn't cool you're the dumbest person i know and when you talk, I don't care for what you say but I love you just the same you're so unfunny that it kinda makes me laugh your favorite song is really bad and I don't even really like you that much but I love you just the same
Give Me a Minute (free) 01:31
I've got a lot on my mind I can't say to you but I'm gonna say it soon I wanna wait for the right time a clear signal, the perfect line when the moon and the stars all align the way it is in my mind but if I wait too long I might die from old age or just burst inside so give me a minute while I sort out the rhyme
Organelles (free) 01:12
given the weight of everything whether lost or following there's a path through this a belief, a risk any fear dismissed if I trust in what my truth resists beneath all I've ever been where I stop I start again under clothes and skin beyond hope or sin in the self therein organelles as cells within cells within
Give Up (free) 00:56
if I could give up just start over again there's nearly nothing in my life that I would choose to wanna try to do the same just mistakes and pain just regret and shame a lifetime's worth of walking through the rain but if you'll stay I swear that'll change
Still Can't Breathe (free) 00:54
I still can't breathe
Forever Broken Hearts (free) 01:15
if I begin from the end and work back to you I'm afraid of the start we are condemned to a loss and its residue forever broken hearts all time and all space conspire every moment, future and prior your light, your face, our fire all hope will always expire we are alive in the love that we fell into until it departs if I begin from the end and work back to you I'm scared of the start


The result of a songwriting game/challenge I took part in. The goal was to write and record a new song each day for 15 consecutive days. I manged to do 7 of them before getting way too overwhelmed with it, which I think was pretty good! I tried to think of these as little mini starting point songs to potentially go back to and jump off from later on, and while I'm not necessarily super excited about how any of them turned out, I think there are at least a couple of interesting ideas in each of them and I had a lot of fun making them. --mat

"Game starts on Friday the 1st, ends Friday the 15th. Songs are due by midnight-ish everyday. If you miss more than 2 days in one week or more than 3 days all together you are kicked out. There is no song length requirement but instrumentals are frowned upon."


released March 1, 2019

mat vuksinich


all rights reserved



onlybody Portland, Oregon

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